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Alhan Libiyya’s team includes a diverse range of Libyan music professionals, Libyan digital experts, Libyan and international cultural creators, and more. The success of Alhan Libiyya is found upon the strength and diversity of our team. Thanks to each and every one of them for making this project possible.

berlin team
Berlin Team

Alhan Libiyya’s Berlin-based team is led by Yasmin - the project manager of Alhan Libiyya and a network manager at Candid Foundation. She is experienced as a cultural manager and fundraising expert in the MENA region. Calum is Alhan Libiyya’s project officer at Candid Foundation. He is a multi-lingual research consultant specializing in the culture, history, and current affairs of West Asia and North Africa. Project assistance is provided by Shatha - a young professional and architecture student with a passion for cultural heritage and preservation.

Outreach Consultant

Ala is a project manager with eight years of experience in the fields of media and culture. He was a leading member of Candid Foundation’s Local Libya project, where he was responsible for content creation from Eastern Libya. Ala founded Wassala in 2018 which works to support the work of activists in Libya.

ala drissi
Alaa Elwani

Ala is a music producer with over 20 years of experience in the field of music distribution. Alaa started out in music in 1993, as the lead singer in a band. Since then he has produced many songs for different Libyan artists as well as the soundtracks for several Libyan television series. Alaa’s love of music manifests itself in a passion for mixing traditional music with other types of Western music. Through his involvement in Alhan Libiyya, Alaa hopes to help young artists by sharing his expertise in the field.

Social Media Content Creator

Alaa is a certified translator and content writer with 10 years of experience in the field of project management. Her professional experience has enabled her to become an excellent leader capable of guiding the project to successful completion. She is passionate about learning new things and exploring creative ideas. Her love for writing allowed her to improve a skill set which helps her to deliver the concept and messages of Alhan Libiyya to all Libyans.

Ala Shatwan
Amani Semaan

Amani is the director of Beirut and Beyond, which is a platform concerned with developing the music scene in the Arab world. Amani has a wealth of experience in the fields of event management and music programming. She is passionate about promoting amazing independent music projects and helping those with great potential to launch their music careers. Amani’s depth of managerial experience and resilient network of musicians and professionals in the Arab world and Europe will be beneficial for all those involved in Alhan Libiyya project.

Big Seno
Music Producer

As a Libyan music producer and hip-hop artist, Big Seno has inspired many artists across Libya and North Africa since starting out in 2005. He has nurtured his passion for music from a young age and gradually started to make a name for himself in the artistic community. He is the founder of Big Seno Records, a Tripoli-based production company, which has released several albums by various Libyan musicians, including White Crows and The Introduction. Big Seno considers Alhan Libiyya a perfect match for his vision to shed  light on Libyan talents considering the difficult circumstances the country is going through. Through this project, he hopes to produce a high-quality album that will make all Libyans proud.

Big Seno

Fawz is a Libyan artist who is passionate about music. She majored in interior design and is currently working as an assistant manager in a private import company. Fawz organizes many guitar training courses, as well as running the music activity for a private school due to her experience with children. Music for Fawz is a new language through which she can communicate and express her feelings and thoughts to the world. Fawz believes that Alhan Libiyya is a great chance to gather Libyan musicians and show their creativity, as well as an amazing opportunity for talented artists to meet other artists from all over Libya and expand their networks.


Imed is a Tunisian music producer who started his journey into the world of music and rhythms from an early age. After beginning his career at a music academy in Tunis, Imed continued to explore and experiment with different musical genres and styles. He has also recorded numerous albums, played as percussionist, and collaborated with many international artists from around the world, including several Libyan musicians. Imed was recently chosen to be one of the ambassadors of Tunisian and Mediterranean music to the world and he is currently serving as the director of the 57th edition of the International Festival of Carthage.

imed alibi
karim bedrush
Outreach Consultant

Karim is a radio broadcaster, DJ, and a professional chef, with over 35 years’ experience in the culinary field. Karim is passionate about passing his knowledge to the younger generations – whether that comes in the forms of new dishes or innovative flavors or in creative beats and Libyan rhythms in the musical arena. For him, Alhan Libiyya represents a fantastic opportunity for Libyan music to be promoted and freely played after the long struggle that has beset the country in recent years.

Social Media Graphic Designer

Mawadda is an artist and a designer who has participated in many exhibitions inside and outside of Libya. She has a passion for learning that drives her to explore new cultural worlds in Libya and beyond. She hopes that through Alhan Libiyya she can contribute to making Libyan culture and talents more prominent.

Mawadda Alobidy
Mohammed Ghenewwa

Mohammed is a Libyan artist and a certified composer in Libya since 1986. For him, art is a hobby for which he can find great passion for it, as it is a noble humanitarian message linked to values and principles. Most of his artwork stems from genuine feelings and emotions. Mohammed composed many songs for artists from Libya and abroad. He has also taken part in many music festivals inside and outside of Libya.

Social Media Manager

Mokhtar is a social media consultant with diverse professional experience in different fields. He had a successful career in both retail and media before he shifted his career and started working as a non-profit consultant. He managed the production of one of the most popular youth radio stations in Tripoli, and currently works as an editor on the Da Miri podcast. Mokhtar is passionate about youth, development, and music. He seeks to develop and shape young concepts and ideas into actual projects. He works for several organizations and projects specializing in Libya as a social media consultant.

Mokjtar Eljilani
nahla al ageli
Outreach Consultant

Nahla is a Libyan-born UK-based writer and blogger, who is passionate about diaspora communities and encouraging a positive narrative in connection to the beleaguered MENA region. She is the founder of Nahla Ink Journal, an online platform that explores the MENA-inspired arts and culture scene. It is dedicated to encouraging, featuring, and sharing the creative output of the Arab diaspora communities in the UK and beyond. Alhan Libiyya gives Nahla the opportunity to support the Libyan musicians in creating something positive and constructive, giving their music an international outlet.

Social Media Community Manager

Rawan is a visual artist who has four years’ experience working in communication, e-marketing, and digital media. Her work in visual arts included her participation in many local and international exhibitions over the years. Rawan seeks to make a positive impact in her community on a local and regional level by providing high-quality media and community engagement. Rawan has also worked with many non-profit cultural projects and she always seeks to collaborate on such projects like Alhan Libiyya in the field of digital communication.

rawan el munstasar
Yaser Najim

Yasser is a music producer with nearly 30 years of experience in sound engineering, recording, and music distribution. Yasser has produced many songs for most Libyan artists in different cultures and musical styles. His passion for this field began in his childhood and later developed into the main aspect of his life and aspirations. Yasser believes that through Alhan Libiyya, he can create new styles by mixing various types of Libyan music and directing young people to present professional work.