Lahni is Alhan Libiyya’s flagship mini-documentary series produced by Heba Shibani, exploring the creative processes and musical insights of a diverse range of musicians who are based in Libya. Over the course of seven episodes the story of melody-making throughout Libya proves to be both rich and rewarding.

1 Episode 1 – MC.Hamza Lahni - Alhan Libiyya’s video series - opens with the story of MC Hamza, who is a rapper from Sebha in south-western Libya. He talks about what inspires him as a musician and what motivates him to keep producing thought-provoking hip-hop rhythms despite the challenges in Libya.
2 Episode 2 – Zubaida In the second episode of Lahni, Zubaida who is a young artist based in Tripoli talks about her passion for music and what it represents for her. She also shares her insights regarding her participation in Alhan Libiyya project.
3 Episode 3 – El Judge The third episode of Lahni features El Judge. He might seem like the classic rocker, but you will realize he is much more than that underneath it all once you get to know him. This Libyan artist who is based in Tripoli shares his story and talks about his inspirations and what it takes to get Libya rocking.
4 Episode 4 – Ramzi Music may be a universal language, but it takes a special form as it encounters different cultures and contexts. In the fourth episode of Lahni, the Amazigh musician Ramzi talks about his passion for music, especially Amazigh art, and about his struggle as an Amazigh artist in Libya.
5 Episode 5 – Hassan Elbejoo In this episode of Lahni, Hassan Elbejoo who is an artist from Benghazi, shares with us his story of how he started as a musician and what inspires him to create his music. He also talks about his hopes and aspirations for the Libyan music.
6 Episode 6 – Debani In this episode of Lahni, the Libyan lo-fi hip hop sensation, Ahmed Debani, tells of how he started the explore trap soul after growing up listening to hard rock. He also speaks of his passion for developing the music industry in Libya and the possibilities for aspiring artists in the country.