What is Candid Foundation?

Candid Foundation is an independent non-profit organization that has developed into a hybrid between a privately chartered think tank and a dynamic project hub since its establishment in 2014. The organization is based in Berlin, Germany, but remains sensitive to developments on the ground where our projects are focused.

What does Candid Foundation do?

Candid Foundation’s activities span a diverse range of initiatives, collaborations and research focusing on media and mediation in the Middle East, Africa, Asia, and the Mediterranean. Candid Foundation initiates projects that foster intercultural understanding and creative approaches in international development.

What is Candid Foundations philosophy?

Candid Foundation’s philosophy is epitomized by the word ‘candid’. The organization approaches challenges in a straight-forward transparent manner that values truth, honesty, and integrity above all else.

Who is Candid Foundation?

The strength of Candid Foundation lies principally in the depth and breadth of the knowledge of its diverse network of regional experts. These comprise political analysts, economists, journalists, legal scholars, creatives, media professionals and development specialists from around the world.

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