About Alhan Libiyya Album

Our album is finally here!

These eight tracks are the result of a unique process of creative collaboration throughout Alhan Libiyya between young musical talents and music professionals from across Libya and beyond.

No one artistic work can encapsulate the amazing musical diversity and rich heritage of Libyan music, but through this album maybe you can glimpse it.

Lie back and listen to Libya as you’ve never heard it before.

Artists : Ali, Ash, Assil, DADA, Debani, Faraj, Ghøst, Inori, Mahmoud Ben, Masoud, MekOo, Moad, Moezart, Mohammed N., Motatik, Nafo, Omran, Rania Ki, Samar Kand, Sara, Wega, Zubaida

Contributors : Alaa Elwani, El Judge, Fawz, Mohammed Ghenewwa, Yasser Najim

Producers: Big Seno, Ghøst, Yasser Najim

Release date : December 2020